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Emoli is a strong font family with a laid-back style. Inspired by the strong bending of iron, a unique character can be felt through controlled letterforms and blunt finishes. Each font in this family is standalone, and strong and cute.

Emoli consists of ten fonts

Emoli-Thin & Emoli-Thin Italic, with the thinnest complexion looks luxurious in high appearance.

Emoli-Light and Emoli-Light Italic

looks elegant combined with the weight of the Emoli Font family.

Regular and italic emojis, the basis of emollient fonts, balance shapes, and letter uniqueness are found in this weight.

Emoli Bold and Emoly Bold Italic will gently emphasize a strong character.

Emoli Extra Bold and Emoli Extra Bold Italic, the thickest weights that will facilitate legibility and strong attitude.